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PV Solar

PV Solar

home pvsolarThrough a new government scheme you could now be earning money for using electricity in your home or business. Your electricity provider will actually pay for any green energy that you produce!

When you have photovoltaic (PV) panels fitted to the roof of your property you can produce 100% green energy. That means its not only free, but completely renewable. These panels are fast replacing the harmful, expensive fossil fuels that we currently rely on.

The government will now pay an estimated £900 a year for your solar energy (based on a 4Kw South facing system in Brighton) as part of their ‘feed-in tariff’ scheme. This is additional to your energy savings. Even better than that , if your panels produce more than you use, this energy goes back into the national grid for other people to use, and you guessed it, you also get paid for this- tax free and rises with inflation. The solar panels don’t even need a sunny day to work, as they create energy when it’s cloudy too.

The investment you make in installing the panels will be well worth it, as you’ll make a great return. Your installed energy meter will even tell you how much you’re earning, so you can easily see your money coming back to you!

We can advise you on the best solar powered system to suit your circumstances.

It doesn't have to be sunny to work - your solar panel will produce energy even on cloudy days.

Here at Solar Power UK we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on what is the very best system for your circumstances.

In the event of a complaint you can follow the RECC complaints procedure. Simply click on the RECC logo above to view.

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