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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

solar-pv-swimming-poolYou may have often dreamed of having your own swimming pool, sipping a glass of wine while you bathe in the sun.  Perhaps you already have one, but the costs of maintaining it are starting to drown you. 

One solution to the rising costs of keeping your pool heated and maintained, including reducing the costs to the environment, is to use the power of the sun. 

Solar thermal energy is perfect for swimming pools – as the temperature of the pool water doesn't have to be too high, it's easy to heat it to a comfortable temperature via solar power. 

Solar panels can be placed on the pool house roof or on the ground outside.  Solar thermal drastically reduces the use of your conventional heating system, saving you money and the environment. 

Think how good you’ll feel when you relax in your pool knowing you are reducing your carbon footprint and saving lots of money in the process!    

To find out more about how we can make your swimming pool pay for itself, just contact us today and one of our expert solar power advisers will answer all of your questions.

Just for making the enquiry, you will receive absolutely FREE and instantly, our guide, "12 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs AND Your Carbon Footprint By As Much As 20%!"

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Saving Economiser - Your intelligent boiler management system

home energysavingIf you want a nice cosy house or hot water when the winter comes round, your bills go up as the boiler does overtime. 

Conventional heating systems only turn on exactly when you tell them to. This can sometimes mean they burn fuel rapidly to raise temperatures by just one degree. This is really inefficient.

Your fuel is wasted as it reaches the right temperature and goes beyond what is needed by up to 3 degrees before switching off.

Not only is this bad for the environment, but it's not good for your bills, either!

However, if you use an intelligent boiler economiser your boiler usage is reduced and you can save money.  This is because it is far more accurate at sensing when to switch on, only starting to heat the water when necessary.  It even monitors your home and learns how your home reacts to heat. It then uses this information to act more efficiently.

On warmer days it might switch on 15 minutes before the timer setting, sometimes 30 minutes before if it is cooler.

As the economiser is more temperature sensitive, it is excellent at maintaining the right comfort level - and at saving you money.

By using a household economiser, you could:

  • Save on your annual central heating and hot water bills - tests showed savings of 25% on average
  • Be more environmentally friendly
  • Make an excellent investment since it will pay for itself with the savings you make. 

Your bills don't have to go through the roof in winter.

If you want to learn more about the household economiser and how you can save money by reducing your boiler usage, get in contact with us today.

To find out more call Solar Power GB on  0800 7555 317 or send us an email.


Thermal Solar

home thermalWould you like to save money on your energy bills? Here’s how you can do it, whilst reducing your use of fossil fuels, contributing to a greener planet:

Installing solar panels on your roof called collectors, you can transfer the renewable energy from the sun into hot water. The energy is converted via a liquid, which means you have to use your boiler at least 65% less. This has considerable benefits including:

•Reducing use of your boiler
•Using green energy, which is beneficial to the planet
•Saving a substantial amount on your energy bills!

This system is not just a means of saving money; it will actually make your current energy system more efficient. Although a solar thermal system cannot completely replace your boiler or immersion heater, it will maximise heating efficiency.

The system is more efficient in the summer than the winter, however it does not need a sunny day to work it just needs light!

Here at Solar Power UK we are creating groundbreaking developments in this field and can tailor our systems to your personal needs. The system can be adapted for your home or business, you need not rely on the electricity grid at all.

If you want to save at least 60% on your heating bills, we will explain to your how this is easily achieved.

Just for making the enquiry, you will receive absolutely FREE and instantly, our guide, "12 Ways To Reduce Your Energy Costs AND Your Carbon Footprint By As Much As 20%!"

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Biomass - Back to Classic Heating with New Additions

home biomassAs an energy source, Biomass is sustainable, renewable and cost effective. Installing a system from Solar Power UK, which runs on Biomass or incorporates Biomass could potentially have several advantages for you as a home or business owner.

Solar Power UK are now producing top of the range biomass heating appliances and components. These can be adjusted to load share with gas or oil systems or can be used as singular boilers.

Biomass is currently being used in the UK as a fuel source for people using wood stoves, however the wider population are beginning to see the rewards of using this up and coming technology in their homes or businesses. Some of these rewards include:

•Substantial savings on your energy bills
•Substantial reductions to your carbon footprint
•The use of more a reliable, low maintenance system.
•Inclusion in new Government schemes.

If your current system uses radiators or under floor heating you are a prime candidate for a Solar Power UK system to be installed as our equipment is designed t run at the same temperatures as oil and gas boilers.

In certain areas a Clean Air Act is in place and Solar Power UK offer advice on how to comply with this, we also offer a fixed fee planning permission service when required (in some circumstances where a new flue is installed through a roof planning may be required).

For more information on biomass fuels and systems, please get in contact with us today.



PV Solar

PV Solar

home pvsolarThrough a new government scheme you could now be earning money for using electricity in your home or business. Your electricity provider will actually pay for any green energy that you produce!

When you have photovoltaic (PV) panels fitted to the roof of your property you can produce 100% green energy. That means its not only free, but completely renewable. These panels are fast replacing the harmful, expensive fossil fuels that we currently rely on.

The government will now pay an estimated £900 a year for your solar energy (based on a 4Kw South facing system in Brighton) as part of their ‘feed-in tariff’ scheme. This is additional to your energy savings. Even better than that , if your panels produce more than you use, this energy goes back into the national grid for other people to use, and you guessed it, you also get paid for this- tax free and rises with inflation. The solar panels don’t even need a sunny day to work, as they create energy when it’s cloudy too.

The investment you make in installing the panels will be well worth it, as you’ll make a great return. Your installed energy meter will even tell you how much you’re earning, so you can easily see your money coming back to you!

We can advise you on the best solar powered system to suit your circumstances.

It doesn't have to be sunny to work - your solar panel will produce energy even on cloudy days.

Here at Solar Power UK we have the knowledge and expertise to advise you on what is the very best system for your circumstances.

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